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Top 3: The most important tips for online casino beginners

Before the first euro is bet, you should read the following 3 tips for online casino beginners very carefully and write them behind your ears. These will help you to make the right decisions.

Tip 1: Assess the chances of winning correctly: Online casinos also have a house edge

All casinos have a built in statistical advantage in EVERY game called the house edge. This ensures that the casino operators make profits in the long term and thus remain economical. After all, online casinos also have to earn money in order to be able to pay for employees, technology and the like. But that doesn’t mean you have no chance of winning. Even if the well-known saying “The bank always wins” conveys something different. If that were the case, nobody would be playing in the casino! Rather, it only needs enough players who play the best casino games.

It is important to know that the house edge varies from game to game. Even within a game, the probability of winning can vary greatly. For example, in European roulette, a bet on red or black is far more likely to win (over 46% odds of winning) than betting on a specific number (under 3% odds of winning).

Basically, the following applies in gambling: the higher the chance of winning, the lower the possible profit and vice versa!

Even with online slots, the theoretical chances of winning differ from game to game. The payout rate is usually in the range of 93 to 98% and thus significantly higher than in stationary casinos, pubs or snack bars (usually only 60 – 65%), which in turn have to bear higher costs.

payout ratio? This value indicates what percentage of the stake a player gets back on average. Therefore, the payout ratio is also referred to as the payout ratio or in English as “Return to Player” (RTP). The payout percentage is always given as a percentage and is always below 100%. Reputable casinos provide the RTP value for each game in a way that is easy to find. May be prominently displayed directly on the game interface or in the game rules or paytable.

Important to know: The higher the payout percentage of a game and the lower the house edge (both together always add up to 100%), the higher the theoretical chances of winning for the player!

Tip 2: Increase chances of winning with strategies & systems

strategies & systems

When it comes to gambling, a lot depends on luck. But happiness can certainly be helped along the way. Online casino strategies make it possible! Especially in roulette and blackjack there are a lot of strategic and tactical approaches. These betting systems are usually not complicated, quickly understood and easy to use. So valuable online casino tips for beginners. Even for slots, on the other hand, there are slot machines, tips and tricks that can be used strategically to achieve profits, according to popular belief.

A very simple but very promising approach for casino beginners is to focus more on titles with a high payout ratio or games with a low house edge in online casinos. This includes:

  • Roulette (especially the European version)
  • blackjack
  • Craps (dice game, also known as Seven Eleven)
  • Baccarat (card game)

Best RTP slots are also a clear recommendation for beginners in casino gambling. Slot machines with a payout rate of 98% and more offer high odds of winning, so you can expect at least smaller wins on a regular basis. Painfully long series of failures are the exception with these slots.

  • A strategic way of playing in the online casino is not only interesting with regard to possible profits. At the same time, losses can be minimized. This in turn means you stay in the game longer!
  • But the truth is also: The house advantage of online casinos can be significantly influenced in your favor and reduced overall with the help of suitable strategies, so that you can get the best out of the chances of winning. But you can never completely eliminate the house edge! Even the supposedly safe, perfect and sophisticated system has at least one weak point somewhere and cannot guarantee winnings in gambling!

As you can see, there is a lot to learn about online casinos and their games. But don’t freak out. You don’t have to learn specific gambling strategies or specific betting systems to get started. Luck is and will always be the most important component of casino fun.

Tip 3: Dealing with bonus actions correctly: Don’t strike blindly

Don't strike blindly

“100% bonus up to 100 euros”, we triple the first deposit”, “get 250 euros bonus”: typical examples of the lucrative welcome bonuses that online casinos use to catch customers. Such new customer bonuses are not gifts of money!

The casino operators reward your first deposit and let bonus money and/or free spins jump. But almost all bonus offers are bound to certain provisions. And they can really have it all, because a wager-free casino bonus is rare. The bonus received or the sum of the deposit amount and bonus usually has to be wagered several times in games within the casino. Usually between 25 to 50 times. This means that in order to be able to unlock a 100 euro casino bonus and have the money paid out, you would have to have wagered 2,500 to 5,000 euros in the casino in advance. And that in a fixed time window.

One of the most important online casino tips for beginners with the welcome bonus is therefore: Don’t hit blindly straight away! Always read the bonus regulations very carefully and make sure that they have been understood! Consider whether the specifications are at all feasible for you. And if you have any questions or if anything is unclear, it is best to contact customer service directly.

The following criteria clarify what characterizes fair and beginner-friendly bonus provisions:

  • low turnover requirement (e.g. 30x deposit),
  • long playthrough time (e.g. 30 days and more) and
  • a low minimum deposit (e.g. from 10 euros) to activate the bonus.

If the specific bonus rules seem too difficult and demanding to you, then don’t touch them! Otherwise, of course, there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of the online casino welcome bonus and using its financial added value. Especially when it comes to free spins without a deposit or a so-called no deposit bonus.

These basic online casino tips for beginners also apply to all other bonus offers that exist regularly for existing customers. These come in a variety of forms. From free spins to cashback and further deposit bonuses, everything is included.

Be aware, however, that bonus campaigns a) primarily aim to encourage customers to play and b) are particularly worthwhile for players who play long-term, regularly and a lot.

Tip: For more information on the different types of online casino bonuses, see the linked guide.

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