Live betting

Live betting: what is it and how does it work?

Today live betting has already become an increasingly popular way to place bets on sports. This way of betting is quite modern: historically, the bets could be placed only before the game. And today bettors can benefit from live or in-play betting: it is not only entertaining but gives them extra opportunities to win money. 



What makes live betting so special? The point is, betting odds are generated by the proprietary algorithm implemented on the website or app of the bookmaker and they do not remain the same, they change during the game. In any case, wagers offered to bettors before the game started and the wagers offered if the game is already underway are different. Bookmakers usually post odds for live bets during timeouts and breaks in the game, or between periods and quarters. It depends on the sports discipline, rules of the game, and bookmaker. Today almost every bookmaker or virtual betting platform as IviBet provides players the opportunity to place in-play bets. 



Just as athletes prepare for their competition, sports betting fans should prepare for live betting. Therefore, the analysis of the upcoming game should be done several days before the game starts. This includes an evaluation of the weaknesses and strengths. The previous performance of the opponent should also be looked at closely. Statistics can be a good help when looking into the past. Of course, current information regarding any injured or suspended players must also be taken into account. In this way, a strategy can be devised that promises a high chance of winning. 

You should only deviate from this strategy during the game if there are significant reasons for doing so. Reacting quickly to new situations in the competition is important, but no one should be rushed. If you are not 100% convinced of the tip, it is better not to place your bets. Placing livarebets is the real art. If the game is already underway, there are only a few minutes in every pause or quarter to place bets on the game. To make your chances of winning better, try to combine pre-game bets with in-play bets. 

So, live betting increases your chances of winning but is also connected to many possible risks. As with any other way of betting, in-play betting must be done with a good strategy, and clear judgment, to be in the good mood. One form of live bets is the bets on the remaining time. These real-time offers assume a score of 0:0 at the start of the match, regardless of whether this corresponds to reality or not. Top teams in particular like to slow down the game once they are leading. Outsider bets and draw tips can now be worthwhile. Even if the coach of the top team has already taken the best players off the field, you can assume a weak offense in the remaining time.

Even if betting is so tempting, it is important to bet with your head, not your heart, and place your bets only if you are completely sure in your judgment.

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